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TradedWell was founded in 2020, and it is an entirely new broker in the market. It is authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
The brokerage company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The broker offers 170+ CFD instruments and assets like forex, cryptocurrency, commodity, stocks, metals and indices.

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The trader has a wide range of instruments
The broker uses MetaTrader 4 platform for trading


The broker charges an inactivity fee
The broker charges slight withdrawal fees

Online trading is becoming a beacon of hope for millions of people, especially after what happened in 2020, the COVID-19 virus. Folks are looking at different perspectives and ways to meet their ends and livelihood. The primary purpose of that is to locate possibilities of earning for those who lost their employment. Here, it is important to find the right broker that can lend investors in a place of certain income. TradedWell review 2021 helps you to generate pace with the financial market theatrics and magnify your money by leaps and bounds. The aim of the brokerage company hits the spot with multiple trading options, tools, features and elements. 

Is TradedWell safe for trading? 

The broker TradedWell is the safest trading online portal that you can locate around your vicinity or on the Internet. Any broker that is doing truthful business has a regulation authority looking after all activities. TradedWell is indifferent to it, with CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) taking care of works undergoing within the purview of the brokerage firm. Hence, it endorses truthfulness and builds trust. Traders know that if anything goes wrong, CySEC will confiscate things. So, TradedWell scores brownie points here. 

Any broker who works with a license deserves applause because that’s the legitimate way of moving forward and doing business. There are no questions to answer then, and none can raise a finger of integrity on an online trading portal. TradedWell has fixed it all with the license number- 298/16. Thus, if you’ve chosen TradedWell as your broker in 2021, then you’ve made the right choice for life. 

TradedWell Trading Instruments and Markets? 

The broker has all standard products that a trader can find on any legitimate and good brokerage firm. The power of positivity, help and support that the TW online portal extends for its subscribers are remarkable. You can sell and buy assets like shares, commodities, indices, forex and cryptocurrencies. Learn about these markets and open the floodgates of wealth and prosperity. That’s the motive a good broker thinks about its subscriber base. 

Here, you can find endless possibilities getting triggered by technological enhancements and pointed benefits.


You can choose your trading by selecting the right path of commodities. There’re opportunities laced with benefits and more than 20 options at your doorstep that can help you reach the desired gain in a short time. The best thing about investing in commodities is that they are always in demand and channelise lives. The world needs them for making life worth living. So, there’s a sound probability of you making advantageous trades through it. Purchase and sell wheat, cocoa, oil, and other essential goods. 

The flexible trading environment is icing on the cake for investors here. Experts help you in guiding when and where to invest. Commodity trading is one of the most evolved, nuanced and traditional forms of trading. 

  • Diversified trading options
  • Extensive market opportunities
  • Challenging assets


Stock or share trading has ample volumes to support investors and companies. If you want to create an aura of richness, then trading with the broker is essential. Buy shares like Uber, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Alphabet, Tesla, Intel etc., to become part of the coveted club of wealthy folks. You can buy them all at your convenience using CFDs. Trade international markets, do arbitrage trading and explore how things are panning out across the world. Exploit the market with your acumen and direction of the brokerage firm. 

  • Control your trading efforts 
  • Conducive for extremely changing market 
  • Diversification of assets through CFDs

Foreign Exchange 

Suppose you know what the foreign exchange is capable of pulling off for you. In that case, you are aware of the volumes and fluctuations it gives you daily—the threshold mark of USD 6.6 billion transaction on average says a lot about how quickly things change here. Fortunes change in split seconds, and you can lend yourself among the richest traders with a TradedWell broker. Buy and sell major, exotic and minor currency pairs and see the magic unfolding in front of your eyes. The full customisation accounts and the environment of trading make profit booking simple. 

  • Challenging trading game 
  • Wider market opportunities
  • Market risks get balanced


If you are good at speculating and want to avoid any chance of risking your funds while trading in the market, then indices are for you. The broker renders an opportunity to invest in big stock exchanges like NASDAQ, NYSE, FTSE 100 and DOW using CFD instruments. Create your own hopes and channelise the inner strength to wield money. 


The first thing we think of is gold when we hear metals because of the preciousness and amount of wealth its trading can accumulate for its traders. There are other precious metals that are doing good in the market, like copper, aluminium and silver. Get the likeable feedback and invest through TradedWell. It ensures your account balance grows bigger with each day. You can trade it through CFDs which lets you explore various markets of the world.  Buy and sell gold, silver, platinum, copper, aluminium  oil and other energy commodities for earning swift profits.

  • It provides the chance to hedge against inflation.
  • You are bestowed with the power of choice in the market. 
  • Charges and fees are transparent.
  • Customer support agents are professional.
  • CFDs metals market solidity
  • Access to multiple markets


Lately, the sprint by bitcoin has raised many ears and allowed people to introspect the enigma and reason behind cryptocurrencies. They have become a rage and a way to accumulate money in the market. It is powered by tech and laced with popular digital currencies like ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash etc. The broker enhances your trading style and skills while you trade with it. 

  • The crypto trading CFD range is remarkable.
  • The market volatility is amazing
  • Data remains secured

Tradedwell payment methods 

A trader can find a plethora of payment methods for depositing and withdrawing amounts from the market. Neteller, Skrill, Maestro, Mastercard are a few of the options that can resolve your query of investing in the market.

Tradedwell Trading Platforms

You get replenished with platforms like WebTrader and Mobile App. Both are world-renowned trading platforms and accepted ones. Investors are well-versed with them and know the value of their programming. 

Both platforms commit with the broker and the trader to offer a quality experience and earn a common ground or profits for a user. 

What are the benefits WebTrader platform? 

WebTrader is the source of endless hopes that a trader requires while investing hard-earned money in the market of volatility and fluctuations. It readies an investor to ditch wrong decisions and claim the right ones through analytical tools, cross trading and other elements. It lets you understand what lies in the market. 

You can use WebTrader without the hassle of downloading from a play store. Your favourite browser can do the job for you. 

  • Handy toolkit for outclassing the best results 
  • Full history trades
  • One-click account switching
  • Get multilingual support and speak in your mother tongue with the staff
  • Automatic stop-loss
  • Inherent platform support 

Characteristics of WebTrader 

Get comprehensive selection charts like candlesticks, lines, bars, and others that work as a guiding light for you. A trader can customise the charts on will and initiate different trades. 

Dynamic analytics 

You can implement and execute trades. Track down the best possibilities in the market and enforce the developing ideas. Know about the market and learn about dynamic analytics. 

Trade mode alternatives 

The platform has instant execution, two stop orders facilities, and a trailing stop. Opt for trading strategies that are conducive for you. 


The operational performance is high and on point. It is consistent on WebTrader. Traders find it easy to function in the market. 

Mobile App 

The use of the mobile application is for traders who travel a lot in the market. Thus, they can download an app and access the market anywhere. An internet connection can establish it for them instantly and do wonders for investors. 

  • Trade more than 170 assets
  • Use more than 60 analytical tools for your advantage
  • Customise trading habits 
  • Check your balance level 
  • Multilingual support 
  • Trade on CFDs

One-click trading 

For the simplifying trading experience, there’s a one-click trading experience. You can place direct orders and apply them to customise stop-loss. A few taps on your smartphone are enough. 

Technical indicators

The vast choices of technical indicators you get here are mind-boggling and worth trusting. The Fibonacci Retracement, Japanese candlesticks, charts and bars, all work in the progress of a trader. 

News and market events

Get to know about the latest updates and news in the market to establish what’s going on. Decide what you can do with that. Create strategies around that and earn wealth seamlessly. 

Seven Timeframes 

See the trading experience by using seven trading time frames. It is the best thing for a seasoned trader. Using it, he/she can elevate the profitability factor. 

Tradedwell Trading Account Types

You have a vast choice of trading accounts on TradedWell and you can decide which account to use at what time. The broker offers three different but special kinds of accounts that offer all services that an investor would ever require or need. You can co-relate with your trading targets by using them. Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts are available with humongous opportunities. 

Silver Trading 

The account serves the purpose of beginner traders. It has features that are accountable for earnings with lesser risk and better benefits. It has been designed to create a learning environment for traders before they get ready for the bigger stages of investment in the market. It is for the optimal trading experience. There is no hidden fee associated with the account. 

  • You get a hedging option for buying a lot at a lower price than the actual valuation.
  • Currencies available: GBP/USD/EUR
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Leverage for a professional account : 1:200
  • Investment news
  • Spreads start from 0.7
  • Shows markets without mark-up

Characteristics of Silver Account 

  • Zero commission while depositing the amount in the account. 
  • Get 10-hour support from Monday to Friday
  • Access to education hub
  • Average execution speed 0.08
  • Availability of Islamic Account 

Gold Account 

The gold account is for those traders who have got experience while trading on Silver Account. They are ready to take on market challenges and earn good money. If you are willing to trade in greater volumes, then Gold Account has everything that you require from a fantastic broker. 

Gold Account features 

  • Receive free VPS facility
  • Get free videos and webinars
  • Islamic Account is available
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Fifth decimal for good trading experience
  • Swap discount is 25 % which saves overnight charges and offers relief to traders. 

Characteristics of Gold Account 

  • Spreads start from 20
  • Average execution speed is 0.06
  • Available base currency: USD, GBP, EUR
  • Over 170 CFD assets for trading
  • No commission on deposits

Platinum Account 

If a trader is empowered enough to navigate through tricky waters, then Platinum Account gives tailor-made opportunities to them. It creates a fully comfortable and customised trading pathway with advanced tools and an advanced technological environment. Spreads kick off from 18 here. 

Services on Platinum Account 

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Free VPS
  • Fifth Decimal 
  • Investment News that can guide you when to invest 
  • Swap Discount 50 per cent, so extra savings
  • Hedging is available 
  • Available currencies: EUR, GBP, USD

Platinum Account characteristics

  • Zero commission deposit
  • Ten-hour support system 

TradedWell Customer Care? 

It is highly recommended and knowledgeable team that works with brokers. They have answers to all your queries. Contact them 

On the phone: +448000318499

Email ID: [email protected]

A live chat option is available for FAQs and chatting with an executive. 

Conclusion :

TradedWell broker is doing a fantastic job as a broker and providing all features and characteristics to traders and investors. There are no commission for deposits, low spreads, amazing analytical tools, several indicators and charts for trading. You can rejoice in the flexibility and customisation of accounts and platforms. Moreover, the broker is fully safe and dances to the tune of a market player. 

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