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On July 27, 2015, Ivan Kroshnyi and Alexander Gerchik started own brokerage company. After the company had been incorporated, they figured out why many brokers operate according to the B Book Brokerage Model. Standard software was failing to handle the loads. The software blocks had to be rewritten, and the Risk Manager was subject to a big reboot. The Risk Manager slowed down the trading process. In order to fix that, the specialists at Gerchik & Co rolled out a major upgrade of the solution. Operation speed was improved, and the number of controllable trades was increased. They fine-tuned the program so that the traders could use any strategy.

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We have collected all the parameters of brokers that are important for trading into different groups for your convenience. The closer the parameter is to the maximum value, the higher the percentage of the group. The overall score is based on all groups’ scores. Now you can see what the strengths of the broker are and where are their weaknesses. Not only to see but also to understand how much it suits your particular needs. If a broker has a GREEN VERIFIED, then the information about its parameters has been received from the broker and been examined by us! GREY NOT-VERIFIED means that information about the parameters of the broker is collected from open sources on the network, BUT it is not confirmed by our tests. RED NOT-VERIFIED means that there is no unambiguous information on this broker in open sources and the specified parameters may differ greatly from the actual ones.

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Order execution speed from 1 millisecond
Spreads from 0 pips


No online chat support
Doesn’t offer Islamic accounts
Gerchik & Co

Financial trading is a personal experience of investment in the market where a trader takes risks and counts on rewards. It is a wholesome process that requires several elements. Patience and virtue of strategies are guides here that work as saviours and treasure prosperity for clients. The Gerchik Co broker is laced with such wispy clouds that are ready to benefit people with the rains of gains. It believes in three principles; reliability, innovation and trading.

Alexander Gerchik and Ivan Kroshnyi co-founded the company with the motive to provide fair trading terms.

The broker is captivating the mood of the market and delivers the result on the expected lines of clients. So, if you are someone who is ready to walk on the joyride of trading and earn huge profits, get on and read the article.

Gerchik Co review: Pros

  • A trader can trade around 393 assets with the broker
  • Spreads start from 0 pips
  • You can find thirteen replenishment methods
  • The execution speed is 1 ms
  • Automated service and solutions
  • Training, experience exchange and mentoring
  • Affordable plans
  • Access to the highest liquidity
  • Protection against manipulative trades

Gerchik Co: Is it safe trading with brokers?

The financial broker lives up to all expectations by filling the boxes of criteria fixed by government authorities. Thus, there’s no risk of investing in the market using the services of the broker. You can find all verification certificates and registration numbers to give you a sense of security. What else does a trader want when investing in the market through a broker?

You have the physical address of the company, plus there is the company number and date of its incorporation. Also, it comes with licensing and authorised by a renowned regulatory body.

The registration number is : 40512

  • Registration country: Vanuatu
  • License: 40512
  • Regulation: Vanuatu Financial Services Commission
  • Company name: Gerchik & Co Limited
  • Date of incorporation: 30th August 2018
  • Legal Address of the broker: AJC, Govant Building, Kulum Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu
  • Financial service providers are JB Finance LLP

Thus, all these pieces of evidence and verification proofs make the broker a safe and secured trading portal for all traders.

Gerchik Co : Account types

When it comes to account types, the broker does something unprecedented and not heard of. It presents a bevvy of seven accounts. That’s unheard of and places the trading portal ahead of the competition. Every account gears up to cater to specific requirements of traders and investors. There is a software called risk manager averts all perils related to trading. Here’s the list of seven account types for individuals:-

  • Easy start for investors
  • Zero
  • Mini
  • Simple
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

At a time, when most brokers struggle to house one or two accounts, these many account types script another tale of excellence by the online trading portal.

Easy start for investors

Any investor or trader who has not tasted the juice of trading is mostly in jitters. Considering that, the account provides the best feature it can incorporate to cast away risks. A trader and investor can begin trading after the least formality.

  1. Deposit a meagre amount of USD 100
  2. Get a risk manager
  3. Receive access to webinars and enhance information in the trading market
  4. The account can help as a warm for market players before they get ready for a bigger picture or trading principles.

Zero Account

It is for investors who have little experience after going through the previous account. After the initial boost up, the Zero Account is here to offer some perks to traders and let them earn sufficient money.the 

  • The minimum deposit is USD 100
  • The maximum lot here is 0.01
  • Here, the spread starts from 1 pip
  • It also allows algo trading
  • Stop out is fifty per cent
  • The margin call is a hundred per cent
  • You can get access to webinars for garnering important information
  • Get the risk manager for casting away perils

Mini Account

The account gives you exposure to even better prospects and gives you wings to invest more in the market, which allows you to experiment for bigger returns.

  • The minimum deposit here is USD 500
  • Spread starts from 0.4 pips
  • The maximum leverage for traders is 1:100
  • You can have a maximum lot of 0.01 for trading
  • Get the algo trading feature
  • The fee per 1 lot is USD 10
  • Receive access to webinars and draw timely information regarding the financial markets
  • Get the entire statistics of a trader and understand the space for scope.
  • A risk manager is available
  • Stop out is fifty per cent.
  • The margin call is a hundred per cent

Simple Account

The account is simply a hit amount, several traders because it bridges the lower and higher accounts. Thus, the intermediate level of features is worth feasting on. for investors with good enough experience.

  • The minimum deposit is USD 1000 considering the money accumulated by traders using previous accounts. Thus, you benefit from the laid foundation
  • The maximum lot you can pick is 0.10. So, better opportunities
  • Spreads are extremely low and start from 0.0 pips
  • Algo trading is available here
  • USD 10 per lot fee
  • The margin call is one hundred per cent
  • Stop out is fifty per cent
  • Get access to webinars for accumulating better knowledge of the market
  • Receive trader’s statistics
  • A risk manager is available for doing away with perils associated with trading.

Silver Account

The account opens doors of opining more liberty for investors. They can express themselves in a better way and see what it holds to become rich in a short span. However, reach the Silver Account is an achievement.

  1. The minimum deposit is USD 10000
  2. You find the maximum leverage as 1:100
  3. The maximum lot is 0.10 for traders
  4. Spread starts from 0 pips
  5. The risk manager is provided to traders
  6. The margin call is a hundred per cent
  7. Stop out is fifty per cent
  8. Get access to webinars
  9. You can take advantage of algo trading

Moreover, it has all features that make a broker stand out in the crowd of uncertainties. They stem fruits of massive returns.

Gold Account

The account is superior to the five accounts mentioned above and rightly so because it requires huge minimum deposit. It means people who have accumulated wealth by trading in the former accounts are eligible to ladder up and create an account here for bigger fortunes. 

  • The minimum amount of deposit here is USD 25000
  • The maximum leverage is 1:100. It is satisfactory, considering the risk coverage is high.
  • You get a maximum lot of 0.10
  • Spreads start from 0 pips
  • Algo trading is available
  • A risk manager is available
  • Access to webinars
  • Trader’s statistics are available for better learning
  • Stop out fifty per cent
  • Margin call a hundred per cent
  • USD 8 is fee charged per lot, 

Platinum Account 

If you are someone who has the heart to put a lot of money in the market to gain humongous gains, then the Platinum Account belongs to you. The account is safe for traders who can stomach towering investments in a single shot in anticipation of augmented returns. 

  • One on one consultation feature is there with the broker
  • Development of customised bots
  • The minimum deposit is USD 1000000
  • The maximum leverage is 1:100
  • Here, the maximum lot a trader can pick is 0.10
  • The fee per lot is the least with USD 7.
  • Availability of algo trading is there
  • The margin call is a one hundred per cent
  • Stop out is fifty per cent
  • Get access to webinars

And the account incorporates all other features and more that its predecessor house for clients. 

PS: – The demo account feature comes along with other account types. It gives space to try all characteristics of other accounts and check how can they work at the hindsight. 

Gerchik CO: Account opening 

If any individual is interested in opening an account on the trading portal, then following some simple steps can make it possible for them. The broker gives an opportunity to start in account in a matter of a few minutes. For achieving that stature, follow the steps:- 

  • The broker asks for some personal information like name, address, phone number and others.
  • After that, you have to submit documents for verification purposes. It may include any government id, bank details or statement, house papers or passport and others.
  • There’s a process of verifying details offered by you. It takes some time, and then you are ready for account creation.
  • Deposit the money and start trading. 

Gerchik Co: Trading platforms 

The broker is using undeniably the best platforms on the radar in the market for placing orders. Both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 are industry favourites and the absolutely loved by traders globally. They are advance and pick up. 

MetaTrader 4

  • A comprehensive trading platform suitable for all tradings, including CFDs, forex, stocks and others
  • Offers 9-timeframes to choose
  • Use techniques like scalping, intraday, long-term trading and many more
  • Thirty built in customised indicators
  • Real market volume
  • It keeps full confidentiality of information
  • It comes loaded with trading assistants that empower trading skills
  • Full-scale technical analysis
  • Trade on more than 370 instruments effectively 


  • Designed for modern-day traders
  • The best software for trading all assets and instruments like CFDs, stocks, currency pairs, indices and others
  • It is a 64-bit application that offers powerful trading
  • You get access to 21timeframes
  • Get 38-built-in technical indicators for trading
  • Receive 44 graphical objects 
  • The facility of adding your own trading robots
  • Advice from expert advisors
  • Unicode multilingual support
  • Intuitive interface for users
  • Six types of pending orders
  • Built-in economic calendar
  • Safety of entered information
  • Availability of multi-currency

Gerchik Co: Trading products 

The broker has plenty of assets and instruments for trading in the market. Any individual can make a choice and start trading in them easily. 

  • Forex:- Trade in sixty-six currency pairs for 24*7 using the broker.
  • Stocks: There are 279 CFDs stocks available for investments 
  • Cryptocurrencies: Get three trading pairs for diving into the digital currency market and achieve much more
  • Indices: Receive an opportunity to trade in 13 indices
  • Raw materials: Trade on three raw materials through CFDs. 
  • CFD on metals,: Have seven metals for trading through CFDs. 

Gerchik Co: Commission and spreads

The spreads of the broker start from zero pips. it enables transactions to become easy. Likewise, the commission is either zero or less, depending on account types and market conditions. 

Gerchik co: Leverage

The broker boasts of seven different accounts that all offer up to 1:100. Considering the fact that minimum deposits are good enough, leverage is supportive for creating some balance in trading. 

Gerchik Co: Deposit and Withdrawal

You can deposit and withdraw funds through various means. Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Payeer, WebMoney, ADVCash, Litecoin, Ripple and many other methods can be used for the process. 

Gerchik Co: Education and research

A trader can find several relevant articles and course materials on the website for updating techniques, skills and information regarding the financial market. It marks the possibility of earning more money and mitigating the peril of losses. 

For the research purpose, the broker has a trader’s calculator, trader’s statistics, algorithm developer, real market volume etc.

These features allow clients to optimise their trading skills. 

Gerchik Co: Customer support 

For contacting the broker, a customer has multiple options. You can connect with executives on various free phone lines in several nations.  Also, contacting it through email id  [email protected] is simple. Moreover, clients can get in touch through correspondence address and receive feedback for their queries from the industry experts. 

You can also contact them on Skype. 

Final Verdict: 

The broker is an unprecedented online portal that comes with seven primary accounts in many ways. So many options, features and characteristics help in determining the criteria for distinguished traders. Also, the usage of MT4 and MT5 platforms make it ahead of other brokers. So, trading on it makes for the best decision a market player can initiate. 

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I am very satisfied with this broker until now with some minor issues that every broker obviously has. Good job.