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BalansFX operates since 2011 and entered the Turkish financial markets in 2018. Founded in London with the collaboration of the industry’s leading investors, the company provides services in the fields of Forex, Commodities, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies with its expert team and experience.

BalansFX meets the demands of investors in a complete and timely manner with all the trading platforms developed with the latest technology by considering all the investors’ needs.

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We have collected all the parameters of brokers that are important for trading into different groups for your convenience. The closer the parameter is to the maximum value, the higher the percentage of the group. The overall score is based on all groups’ scores. Now you can see what the strengths of the broker are and where are their weaknesses. Not only to see but also to understand how much it suits your particular needs. If a broker has a GREEN VERIFIED, then the information about its parameters has been received from the broker and been examined by us! GREY NOT-VERIFIED means that information about the parameters of the broker is collected from open sources on the network, BUT it is not confirmed by our tests. RED NOT-VERIFIED means that there is no unambiguous information on this broker in open sources and the specified parameters may differ greatly from the actual ones.

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BalansFx is the most preferred company among reliable forex companies. Among the best forex companies, it is one of the companies with trouble-free Turkish support. The level of satisfaction of the brokerage house, which has very positive user reviews, is also quite high.

The success of forex investors in withdrawing money is effective in choosing the company. The company is also reliable thanks to its Financial Commission license. Since BalansFX is an audited company, it does not have any problems with its investors in withdrawing money.

Let’s also talk about the transaction features offered to investors by the BalansFx brokerage house. Deposits can be made by bank transfer, credit card and crypto money options. Transactions are fast and hassle-free.

In terms of trading features, BalansFX spreads are low and fixed, so investors can make profits more easily when trading. In this respect, we can say that it is advantageous.

As a leverage ratio, they offer a ratio that can be considered as high as 1:500. It is possible to earn higher profits thanks to the leverage that allows you to trade with more than the amount you invest in Forex transactions. I think this ratio will be enough for most investors.

As a trading platform, Balans FX offers MetaTrader 5 platform. This platform has the feature of being the most used platform in the world. It is very easy to trade with MT5 thanks to its advanced features and fast infrastructure. In this respect, we can say that the expectations of the investors are met.

When we look at the trading signal opportunities that the company gave to its investors throughout the month, we see a very successful rate. In January and February 2022, we see that the success rate in trading signal opportunities is above 80%.

BalansFX attracts the attention of investors with bonuses and campaigns. First investment, bring a friend, account transfer investment bonuses are some of the campaigns offered to users. In addition, lot refund campaigns are among the options offered by the company. In addition to these, there are also monthly or special offers for certain days. To follow them, you can enter the official website of the company.

Another issue that investors pay attention to is whether there are complaints about Balans FX. It seems that there are no negative comments about the license, withdrawal success and transaction features offered by the company. The investor mass prefers to trade in the firm for a long time. Investors who have opened an account with the company express their comments on various platforms. Looking at these, we can see that he got very good scores.

Account type and benefits

All your account expectations are met at Balans Fx. High leverage advantage awaits you even with the minimum deposit amount in the standard account. Besides the standard account, there are many types of account types you can use.

Here are some features of the Standard Account

Your transactions are transmitted directly to the market.

Account setup is free here.

The minimum trading volume you can make is 0.01 lots.

The current trading platform is meta trader 5.

No commission is charged on deposits and withdrawals.

It offers trading options on hundreds of investment instruments.

The investor can benefit from the automatic order facility. By taking advantage of the pending order advantage of Meta trader 5, you do not need to constantly monitor your portfolio.

The maximum leverage offered on BALANSFX is 1:500. Thus, you can trade higher volumes with lower collateral. You can gain a high advantage from market activity.

You do not have to pay commissions when trading indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, commodities, you can make commission-free transactions.

You can carry out your transactions comfortably and with a high profitability rate thanks to the low scissor gaps.

You can get support from your investment specialist at any time while performing your transactions in the market.

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